Skeie Seating AS and C. F. Møller Architects receive international design award from RedDot Design Award and Award for Design Excellence in Norway

Skeie er den 8. norske bedriften som mottar en RedDot Design Award.

Skeie is the 8th Norwegian company to receive the prestigious RedDot Design Award since 1955.

Fixed seating manufacturer Skeie Seating AS has together with C. F. Møller Architects received two design awards. RedDot Design Awards, the highest accredited award in the design industry, has selected Skeie | Wave as the winner in the category RedDot Award: Product Design 2010. The Norwegian Design Council has also awarded Skeie the Award for Design Excellence in the category Furniture Design for Skeie | Wave.


RedDot Design Award

RedDot Design Award has awarded prizes since 1955. This year’s competition included 1,636 companies from 57 countries and 4,252 applications were considered by the committee. The prize ceremony takes place in Essen, Germany, July 5th 2010, and winners from the various categories will be exhibited at the RedDot Design Museum hosted at the UNESCO World Heritage Site Zeche Zollverein in Essen, Germany. Earlier winners include Adidas, Sony, Phillips, BMW, LG, Apple and others.

Skeie is the 8th Norwegian company to receive the prestigious RedDot Design Award since 1955.

The Norwegian Design Council

The Norwegian Design Council was established in 1963 and promotes the use of design as a strategic tool for innovation, in order to achieve greater creation of value in Norwegian trade and industry. The Award for Design Excellence is awarded once per year, and this is the third time that Skeie receives the award.

The Jury’s verdict: “The jury experiences a well thought through product that uses the beam as a starting point for the design expression. The beam is strong and visible and is the main element that carries the product. Wave represents a strong improvement in this market segment, and has integrated functionality and design elegantly.”

“We are very proud to receive the RedDot Award for Product Design as well as the Award for Design Excellence with C. F. Møller Architects from Denmark. Skeie | Wave is a product of a fine Scandinavian partnership that has given form to an extraordinary Scandinavian Design expression. The chair communicates design elements that have a universal appeal, which is the core strength for any product in order to succeed in the global market. Through our new product Skeie | Wave we intend to ride the wave for continued success in the auditorium marketplace”, says Managing Director Bjørn Sirnes.

Skeie | Wave

The chair stands out as an innovation because of its strong and unique design expression. The lumbar support is designed as a wave which is the inspiration for the name of the chair and also guarantees a high ergonomically quality.  A newly designed beam with a triangle profile that all the main parts attach to is the anchor in the chair design. Skeie | Wave is not only a chair-model, but rather e newly designed chair-system.

Skeie Seating AS

Skeie Seating AS is a company where tradition and experience dates back to 1948 and is headquartered in Sandnes, Norway. The organization has always manufactured furniture, and today it is the leading manufacturer of fixed seating furniture for auditoriums in Northern Europe. Skeie manufactures approximately 25,000 high quality chairs per year to be delivered globally. Our specialty is customization for the architects and high ergonomically quality for the users.

C. F. Møller Architects

Architects C. F. Møller is one of Scandinavia’s oldest and largest architectural organizations. We work with a wide specter of tasks – from program analysis, city planning, architecture and landscaping to development of building components and design. We base our work on the ideal of the simple, the clean and the unpretentious.